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    • We will look into these and update you accordingly.   Thanks for your suggestions 🙂
    • Thank you for supporting Infernality! Your support helps us stay online and create more awesome content for you. Below is the current list of donation ranks and also their perks. Donating is currently done though our webstore by clicking the "Store" at the top of the website, or you may type ;;donate in game. If you wanted to donate for example to Extreme member straight away, you'd have to buy 3 bonds which is $30, and reedeem then one at a time in game. You may also use the bonds as in game currency to sell to other players. Member $10 Access to the standard donator zone at ;;dz Access to the task interface teleports and also member options. There will be a seperate media post to showcase the donator zone and also the teleport interface/member options. You can find this in the server media section. member icon in game so people know you are a member. Start the fightcaves minigame at wave 30! Super Member $20 Access to the standard donator zone at ;;dz Aceess to the task interface teleports/member options. Super member icon in game so people know you're a super member. Start the fightcaves minigame at wave 35!   ADDING MORE SOON"    
    • Featuring our first monthly top voter event! Every month we will check the top voters and reward them with prizes!! Currently the rewards are: 1st - 5x  Mbox, 5x Goodie Bags,  500 Vote Tokens 2nd - 2x Mbox, 2x Goodie Bags, 250 Vote Tokens 3rd - 1x Mbox, 1x Goodie Bag, 100 Vote Tokens   Winners will be Determined by Top voters displayed on the voting website. Winners will be recorded the last hour before reset and winners posted are final as posted by Staff. Good luck and Have fun! Thanks for supporting the server!
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