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Update 10/04/20

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Update 10/04/2020

#1 I've added in working Ape atoll Agility Course, and most of the NPC'S on Ape Atoll. I've also added the Monkey Guards and
their animations + a combat script. These are great for training, and have also been added to training teleports. 
all Monkey gree-gree's have also been added, you require to be a ninja monkey in order to use the agility course.
In order to receive the gree-grees they will be added as a rare drop from the Monkey Guards, and if you're a skiller
they'll be added to the skiller shop for a price we deem fair.

#2 I've added working dialogues to most NPC'S in Lumbridge, also re-removed the balloon animals and frogs
from the random event which decided that it would be fun to re-spawn again for what ever reason. Along with Lumbridge I've
also added shantay pass working dialogues and Magic carpet travel around the desert. This may be slightly bugged, but it's
around 70% completed. 

#3 I've added NPC'S to almost every resource dungeon, perfect for slayer or general training. I've also fixed a few dungeons/caves
around the map, still more to do. So feel free to try and find the dungeons that now work!
Also added Dagannoth's to the lighthouse dungeon. I've added the teleport on the training tab. Also added to teleports 
to Mos Le'Harmless Cave which contains Cave Horrors. This teleport is under "Slayer options"

#4 Along with the Lumbridge NPC Dialogues, I've also added Dialouges and NPC'S to
Al-Kharid, Draynor, Falador, Port-Sarim, Taverly, Trollheim and Varrock. If you find somewhere
which should have an NPC but doesn't please do let me know so I can get it added ASAP.

#5 Fixed a bug where the slayer masters let you change your current task for free. You now must pay 30 slayer points in order
to receive a new task.

#6 I've slightly neferd Flight Kilisa as she was way too strong.


Thank you for playing Infernality, and have fun! - SofaKingH4rd



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