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  1. Thank you for supporting Infernality! Your support helps us stay online and create more awesome content for you. Below is the current list of donation ranks and also their perks.

    Donating is currently done though our webstore by clicking the "Store" at the top of the website, or you may type ;;donate in game.

    If you wanted to donate for example to Extreme member straight away, you'd have to buy 3 bonds which is $30, and reedeem then one at a time in game.

    You may also use the bonds as in game currency to sell to other players.



    Access to the standard donator zone at ;;dz

    Access to the task interface teleports and also member options. There will be a seperate media post to showcase the donator zone and also the teleport interface/member options. You can find this in the server media section.

    member icon in game so people know you are a member.

    Start the fightcaves minigame at wave 30!

    Super Member


    Access to the standard donator zone at ;;dz

    Aceess to the task interface teleports/member options.

    Super member icon in game so people know you're a super member.

    Start the fightcaves minigame at wave 35!





  2. Featuring our first monthly top voter event!

    Every month we will check the top voters and reward them with prizes!!

    Currently the rewards are:

    1st - 5x  Mbox, 5x Goodie Bags,  500 Vote Tokens

    2nd - 2x Mbox, 2x Goodie Bags, 250 Vote Tokens

    3rd - 1x Mbox, 1x Goodie Bag, 100 Vote Tokens


    Winners will be Determined by Top voters displayed on the voting website.

    Winners will be recorded the last hour before reset and winners posted are final as posted by Staff.

    Good luck and Have fun! Thanks for supporting the server!

  3. logoweb.png


    #1 I've added all working baths in Oo'glog, all come with a special ability. Increased health and imune to poison for 9 minutes and
    Unlimited run energy for 25 minutes etc... I'll let you check them all out. Also added all NPC'S, and also the agility short cut.
     all NPC'S, and also the agility short cut.

    #2 I've added working minecart conductors for travel. This will cost 100k gold per ride, but every station is working.

    #3 Added Doggle bushes which will give you Doggle Leaves. No use currently, but they will eventually!

    #4 Added in a new world event The EVIL TREE!!
    This will be a rare event happening a few times a day. The rewards will be decent,
    but it'll have 3000 hp, and require a few people to get it done. (can be done on your own, but will take ages) 
    The tree will spawn randomly, or via an Admin command.

    #5 Added another world event PENGUIN HIDE AND SEEK!! 
    A message will come up in the chat giving you a clue to where the next penguin is hiding!
    each penguin you spy on will give you a penguin point. These points can be spent
    in the Penguin shop by speaking to the Zookeeper at Ardy Zoo.

    #6 I've added a teleport to Falconry. This is under skilling - hunter - falconry.
    No one really knew this was here, so now when you want to train hunter give this
    a go 🙂

    #7 A BIG ONE! This has taken a while to release due to being a pain to do. 
    Player owned shops are finally here! In order to view your own shop and add items
    there will be a NPC at home called "Player Shops" Speak to him to get started.
    To view another players shop you right click them and click "View Shop" a interface will
    pop up with their items. Money will be send to yuor vault which can be found by speaking
    to the Player Shops NPC back at home.

    Loads more updates coming your way soon. Thank you for playing Infernality
    -Sofa 🙂



  4. logoweb.png

    Update 10/04/2020

    #1 I've added in working Ape atoll Agility Course, and most of the NPC'S on Ape Atoll. I've also added the Monkey Guards and
    their animations + a combat script. These are great for training, and have also been added to training teleports. 
    all Monkey gree-gree's have also been added, you require to be a ninja monkey in order to use the agility course.
    In order to receive the gree-grees they will be added as a rare drop from the Monkey Guards, and if you're a skiller
    they'll be added to the skiller shop for a price we deem fair.

    #2 I've added working dialogues to most NPC'S in Lumbridge, also re-removed the balloon animals and frogs
    from the random event which decided that it would be fun to re-spawn again for what ever reason. Along with Lumbridge I've
    also added shantay pass working dialogues and Magic carpet travel around the desert. This may be slightly bugged, but it's
    around 70% completed. 

    #3 I've added NPC'S to almost every resource dungeon, perfect for slayer or general training. I've also fixed a few dungeons/caves
    around the map, still more to do. So feel free to try and find the dungeons that now work!
    Also added Dagannoth's to the lighthouse dungeon. I've added the teleport on the training tab. Also added to teleports 
    to Mos Le'Harmless Cave which contains Cave Horrors. This teleport is under "Slayer options"

    #4 Along with the Lumbridge NPC Dialogues, I've also added Dialouges and NPC'S to
    Al-Kharid, Draynor, Falador, Port-Sarim, Taverly, Trollheim and Varrock. If you find somewhere
    which should have an NPC but doesn't please do let me know so I can get it added ASAP.

    #5 Fixed a bug where the slayer masters let you change your current task for free. You now must pay 30 slayer points in order
    to receive a new task.

    #6 I've slightly neferd Flight Kilisa as she was way too strong.


    Thank you for playing Infernality, and have fun! - SofaKingH4rd



  5. logoweb.png




    Another update for you all! I have added a new minigame recipe for disaster! Located in the task tab, Minigames, minigame teleports. Click RFD You will be teleported to a white portal. This portal will take you to the battle ground from RFD, consisting of 6 waves. You will be rewarded with "Disaster points" Which you can use to buy BRAND NEW items at the RFD shop placed at home. Enjoy, and thank you for playing Infernality - Sofakingh4rd



  6. logoweb.png

    Brand new Dungeoneering Update for you! I've added 2 new bosses that require 1000 Dungeoneering tokens to fight, and also added 8 new NPC'S for you to enjoy. They will all be slightly harder than the current Dungeoneering NPC'S but they all have new drops and items that aren't currently obtainable in the game! These include new Dungeoneering bows, armour, weapons and so on.  Entering a Boss room will cost you 1000 Dungeoneering tokens. If you wish to see the drops from the new NPC'S please feel free to type ::npcname (npc) for a full list of their drop table. Thank you for playing Infernality, and have fun! - SofaKingH4rd



  7. logoweb.png





    Removed the random event NPC'S (Frogs and balloon animals) from various locations. Thieving stalls at home. Magic stall has one change with the items, previously you'd get different runes from the magic stall, This was prone to being auto clicked as runes are stackable. I've kept runes added, but also added non-stackable items.




    Fixed the Black Guards HP and attacking style @ chaos dwarf battlefield teleports.  Previously they had 1 hp, and no drops.  I've also added a new bossing teleport to the H.A.M Mage. Location is in the wilderness, high HP, still testing.




    I've fixed the bug where the friends chat channel (Server Help) wasn't working. When a new player joins they will automatically be placed into the "Help" Friends chat channel. When you log in next you should automatically also be placed in the channel.



    Thanks! - SofaKingH4rd



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