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    Update Post 14/03 - 26/03

    By SofaKingH4rd,






    Removed the random event NPC'S (Frogs and balloon animals) from various locations. Thieving stalls at home. Magic stall has one change with the items, previously you'd get different runes from the magic stall, This was prone to being auto clicked as runes are stackable. I've kept runes added, but also added non-stackable items.




    Fixed the Black Guards HP and attacking style @ chaos dwarf battlefield teleports.  Previously they had 1 hp, and no drops.  I've also added a new bossing teleport to the H.A.M Mage. Location is in the wilderness, high HP, still testing.




    I've fixed the bug where the friends chat channel (Server Help) wasn't working. When a new player joins they will automatically be placed into the "Help" Friends chat channel. When you log in next you should automatically also be placed in the channel.



    Thanks! - SofaKingH4rd



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